Support for all media types.

Post a photo, video, voice memo, Spotify or Apple Music song, Maps location, or any link. No more creating images or videos just to share a thought or a song, like on Instagram.

Organize your profile by channels, not just posts.

Whenever you post something on Land, you give the post a place in your book. For example, everyone starts with a list called “camera roll” which is an all-purpose way to share all of the fun moments in your life, casually.

Then, you can create new lists like “travel” or “nightlife” or “books” and these will appear on your profile. You can create any list, and post any type of content into the list.

Follow specific channels and create custom feeds.

Do you want to laugh, cry, or learn? You can create separate feeds for all of your desires, rather than scrolling through one lump-sum of posts. For example, you can create a feed specifically for design inspiration, where you follow your favorite designers, or lists created by your friends for their inspiration.

Post en masse. Fast and casual.

Land is, before anything, a journal, which means that posting should be easy and casual. Scroll through your camera roll, select as many photos as you'd like, and add them to your public camera roll on Land. After the fact, you can go back and re-arrange the posts in whatever order you'd like for them to appear.

Collaborate on lists.

Did you and your friends throw a party, or do you and your crew all run together every weekend? Create a collaborative list where everyone can add photos of the weekend. It makes it infinitely easier to “be on Land” of a real-life event by being a part of the group on the app.

Get a better understanding of what's real.

Land is heavily focused on a social app for human beings, not bots or advertisers. On the app, it's easy to take a look into the metadata of an image to understand where it came from. Photos taken on an iPhone are labelled in the app, so you know where the content came from.

Only humans allowed.

Land has a strict no-bot policy. To create an account, you have to do it on an iPhone with your very own hands.

An intense focus on privacy.

Land does not exist as a media platform, but a social journal and tool. Everything we do keeps a keen eye on the privacy of users, and refuses to make advertising the core focus of the app's experience.